Don’t Visit India in nest few months, “Tourists Said” !!

Leader Modi’s prohibition on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as an approach to recognize dark cash may, over the long haul, work out yet for the present, it has turned life for some in all out turmoil. While the Indian government has consoled its residents of the long haul benefits in spite of the underlying droop in utilization, vacationers who are right now going to the nation are left hanging.

Stayed with these notes, Bangladeshi sightseers are at an aggregate misfortune in regards to how they will pay their bills – at eateries, shops and lodgings. While bigger retail locations, inns and eateries may acknowledge charge cards, shouldn’t something be said about the little roadside shops and diners where voyagers visit for sensibly estimated products and nourishment? Most administrations require money and not every Bangladeshi traveler convey worldwide Visas. It appears the Indian powers did not by any means acknowledge or think about the results this boycott would have on voyagers. Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about those Bangladeshis who go for treatment to India? In what capacity will they pay the doctor’s facility bills and other everyday costs? As of now there are media reports of Bangladeshis not having the capacity to pay clinic charges in various Indian states. Drug stores as well, have declined to acknowledge the forbidden bills.


The new notes of Rs 500 and 2000 will be accessible until December 30. Indians, who can gather them by showing their National ID cards. Visitors, along these lines, appear to have no chance to get of procuring money.

Bangladeshis spend tremendous measures of cash in India consistently when they visit as visitors or patients or specialists, contributing fundamentally to the Indian exchequer. In May 2016 Bangladeshis represented 20.48 percent share of outside vacationer landings in India ( It is normal that our neighboring nation, with which we have great discretionary ties, will go hard and fast to help these voyagers who are in desperate straits. The Indian powers must make elective courses of action for these travelers who are stranded with wads of money that are in the same class as paper cash until they are traded at the bank. Arrangements must be made, and the media ought to report what those are to illuminate those wanting to go to India soon. ‘Unfathomable India’ can just bode well in the event that you can spend the money you have brought along for the excursion.

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