Breakfast in bed | Classic Eggs Benedict for wife

Breakfast in bed | Classic Eggs Benedict for wife

When it’s time to put a dash of glitz into breakfast or impress your wife, add Eggs Benedict to the breakfast menu. The origin of this dish is unclear. Many have laid claim to it. Traditional Eggs Benedict is made with an English Muffin, Canadian Bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

Today, there are many variations of this dish. To make the traditional dish, begin with 2 slices of grilled Canadian Bacon of medium thickness and a toasted English Muffin sliced in half. Butter the toasted muffin. Hollandaise sauce is made from a white beurre blanc (white) sauce into which fresh lemon juice is squeezed. To create the pale yellow color for Hollandaise, add a beaten egg yolk to warm beurre blanc. Blend until smooth. One tip is to add white wine to the beurre blanc for enhanced flavor.

To assemble the tasty dish, plate the English muffin and layer with Canadian bacon. Place two poached eggs atop each slice of Canadian bacon. Be sure that the eggs have been thoroughly drained of cooking liquid. One way to do this is to remove the eggs from the cooking liquid with a wide basket-type strainer. To sauce the Eggs Benedict, pour a generous amount of Hollandaise over the top of the eggs. One tip is to place the Hollandaise sauce in a small pitcher so that guests can pour their own desired amount over their eggs. Add two stalks of chives for garnish. This is the version of Eggs Benedict most restaurants serve.


There are also other varieties of Eggs Benedict that are of equal flavor. Instead of Canadian bacon, substitute Pancetta, an Italian smoked bacon, or imported Parma prosciutto. To give the Hollandaise a bit more zest, liven it with freshly chopped herbs like tarragon or rosemary.