Hilsa to get GI enlistment

Hilsa, known as ‘Ilish’, is set to get enrollment as the Geographical Indication (GI) fish of Bangladesh.

Executive General of Department of Fisheries Dr Syed Arif Azad today presented a formal application to the Ministry of Industries, looking for the GI enrollment for the national fish, said an official gift.


Accepting the application, Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Industries, said that the administration had as of late found a way to secure the licensed innovation and rights on GI merchandise.

“With support from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), essential principles and controls have additionally been figured for guaranteeing enlistment of GI items and rights on them,” Bhuiyan said.

Hilsa will be the second Bangladeshi GI enrolled deliver after Jamdani. A month ago, the legislature finished all procedure for getting GI enlistment for Jamdani, the great Muslin art and one of the finest materials of the nation.

With the GI enlistment, the nation will have the capacity to ensure better the starting point of Hilsa and rights on it.

As indicated by WIPO, a GI is a name or sign utilized on specific items which compares to a particular geological area or starting point, for example, a town, locale, or a nation.

The utilization of a GI may likewise go about as a confirmation that the item has certain qualities, is made by techniques, or appreciates a specific notoriety, because of its geological source.

The GI empowers the individuals who have the privilege to utilize the sign to keep its utilization by an outsider whose item does not comply with the material principles.